Floating Lid System

Sticking to our Environmental passion, Barricade also has extensive experience with floating covers for any shape or size of above ground water storage tank, lined pits and water cells.  This product which was developed for the energy industry to provide heat retention, evaporation control & wildlife protection also has potential for domestic use pertaining to agriculture, municipal water conservation, or tailing pond coverage.

The floating lid system takes away the problems experienced with inflatable models, chemical lids and the landfill-clogging temporary-liner lids.

This re-usable, quick deployment floating lid system provides “astronomical” heat savings on initial frac water heating, and spectacular heat retention, resulting in strong evaporation control & water conservation, while protecting wildlife from becoming trapped in the tank or even worse tangled up in bird netting.

See attached brochure for detailed information, also try out the interactive heat loss calculator to discover heat savings available when using the floating lid system.

EnviroCap Brochure – PDF

Floating Lid System

New floating lid system Install (North Dakota 2016)

The revolutionary floating lid system provides Superior Heat Retention, Evaporation Control & Wildlife Protection for Water Storage Tanks, Pits and Reservoirs.

The floating lid in a modular design to cover any shape or size of C-ring storage tanks, holding pits or tailing ponds. Control evaporation problems in drought stricken areas along with expensive heating costs & freeze-prevention in winter months. Block toxic vapour escape that effects both humans and wildlife, while preventing wildlife from entering pits, storage tanks and tailing ponds. Floating Frac tank or pit lid system makes for highly economical frac fluid heating efficiency. Lid maintains stored heat in pits and tanks during operational delays, saving huge money!

Cost Effective:

Saves money on heating, in both cold and warm conditions. Blocks extensive evaporation losses in summer months, reduces trucking, transfer and water costs. (Please see spreadsheet below)

Blocks Evaporation:

In cold and windy conditions heat loss is costly. In hot and dry conditions evaporation losses and cost can be extremely high. The floating lid system stops nearly all evaporation. Providing outstanding evaporation control for water storage applications in areas suffering from drought conditions.

Wildlife Deterrence:

Significantly reduces a major environmental hazard by protecting and isolating tank contents from birds and other wildlife.

Re-usable and Environmental:

The floating lid system floats with changing water levels, stays flexible in extreme temperatures and is 100% re-usable. This protects the environment rather than stuffing landfills with disposable netting and tarp covers.

Safe, Easy Deployment:

Rigged up immediately after tank setup in only a few hours using Sintech trained crews and picker trucks. Can also be installed on full tanks and storage pits.

The floating lid system provides extremely valuable and measurable heat/evaporation savings, reducing onsite heating requirements and to increase overall cost efficiency.

Barricade Environmental is the exclusive dealer of the floating lid system. Our patent pending technology allows our customers to save money, increase productivity and meet or exceed environmental safety targets.

Our Barricade trained crews specialize in safe and economical delivery, installation and removal of our rental floating lid system. The floating lid system enables any configuration to be constructed on site in order to cover your clean water supply in Frac pits, storage tanks of any size or shape.

Fast, Effective Heat Containment for C-Ring or Pit of ANY SIZE!

New Install: 156′ Lid Northern Alberta January 2016

Heating and Evaporation Spreadsheet

Download (XLSX, 67KB)