Flood Mitigation & Site Isolation


Barricade Environmental has teamed up with Flood Barrier America as an associated contractor.

Flood Barrier America offers high tech property assessments, weather & potential flood zone monitoring, followed by a solid specialized equipment deployment & property protection service plan designed to give clients peace of mind in a world becoming more prone to natural disasters and rising waters.

Together we are constantly evolving with the latest solutions for both permanent & temporary flood protection solutions, the end result consists of a property protection contract with the Flood Barrier Group providing a state of the art risk assessment, deployment blue print and plan using the proper protective equipment and a convenient rental option.

Barricade crews keep busy using the same equipment for construction isolation projects in wet areas, river & creek diversions, boat dock & marina repairs, containment & spill isolation, once again with our skilled crews and convenient rental & deployment services, see attached brochure for more detailed information.

Barricade Flood Protection Brochure – PDF Barricade Flood Protection Brochure (French) – PDF

Double Dam technology vs. single tube flood equipment

As demonstrated in the video clip above, the Double Dam stays in place when maximum engineered water height is established, while the single tube tends to roll out of the way with only the slightest water height differential applied. This is why Barricade only deals with Double & Triple Dam technology for flood mitigation & any other coffer dam applications.

The “Tackle Box” Emergency Flood/Spill Control Kit

Take preventive measures and Tackle the rising flood waters that are a threat to the structural integrity of your community, the safety of your families, and most valuable assets.

A pro-active mindset is a must as we go forward with increasing flood risk issues across North America.

Start with a Barricade “Tackle Box” loaded with flood mitigation equipment consisting of temporary flood barriers specifically tailored to your area requirements based on an FBA risk assessment. Then a call to Barricade when trouble is brewing for quick deployment and localized training.

From temporary & permanent barrier options to high volume water movement, Barricade, FBA, NCS and our associated companies have you covered. Combining their extensive knowledge, research and experience working together to engineer and provide the best possible options on today’s market.


  • Emergency flood control, Emergency spill control, construction site diversion and protection, this unique rental product has many applications.
  • Barricade trained crews will be standing by to install these highly important systems on a 24/7 emergency basis. Rapid Deployment is our specialty.
  • Pre-Flood planning and execution to prevent property damage & provide public safety.
  • Economic options for coffer dam systems with both rental & purchase choices available.
  • River, Creek, Ocean or Lake water diversion for Dam,Weir, Marina Repairs or Replacements.
  • Lined pit segregation, spill isolation & pump out services using Barricade trained crews & equipment for safe and proper installation.

Protecting your Home and Valuables

Water inflated bags are a simple yet incredibly effective product that incorporates twin chambers with an internal baffle in the middle of a single membrane manufactured with high strength PVC fabrics designed to maximize puncture resistance, tensile and tear strength.

As water is pumped into the water inflated bag, it is equally distributed through both chambers via ports in the internal baffle. As the barrier inflates it seals to the surrounding ground conditions ensuring a stable dam of contained water that will not roll.

Water Inflated Bags in Action

  • Installation is quick and efficient
  • Just roll out the water inflated bag or use the integral lifting straps to position, and fill with water.
  • Ready to Deploy for ANY SEASON

Reduce environmental impact

The impact on the environment is very low relative to conventional, outdated water control methods like earth berms or sandbags.

It is sad to see our government’s purchasing sandbags and other unsustainable products that require anchoring and in most cases, find their way to the landfills after one or two uses. These options require exhaustive efforts from emergency personnel and local community members often with ineffective and inefficient results.


Save costs

Water inflated bags can be installed and removed at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. When the water control project is complete, water inflated bags are drained and stored for future use.

Water inflated bags are available in heights ranging from 2′ – 8′ as well as the brand new 18” FloodBuddy (protecting against flood levels up to 13.5″). Each configuration comes with appropriate fill ports, drains and lifting straps on the ends of each 50′ section.

Larger Industrial Applications

Protect Your Work Site and Equipment